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Nayax is a global commerce enablement and payments platform designed to help merchants scale their business. Nayax offers a complete solution including localized cashless payment acceptance, management suite, and consumer engagement tools, enabling merchants to conduct commerce anywhere, at any time. With foundations and global leadership in serving unattended retail, Nayax has transformed into a comprehensive solution focused on our customers’ growth across channels.

Nayax’s mission is to improve our customers’ revenue potential and operational efficiency.



Established in
Israel in 2005

Offices in
8 countries

>600 employees worldwide (427 in Israel), >43% in R&D

Distributors in
44 markets

$34m Revenue in Q1 2022

39% 2017-2021
Revenue CAGR

$13.1m Gross Profit
in Q1 2022

>550K managed and connected devices,
  in >62 countries

Accepts >80 payments methods and 40 currencies

Licensed payment​institution

$489m transaction value in Q1 2022

end customers

Invest in Nayax


Comprehensive end to end solution for all retail environments


Large and fast-growing markets driven by multiple secular tailwinds

Complete Offering

Large and fast-growing markets driven by multiple secular tailwinds


Global enterprise customer base with high retention rate and attractive unit economics

Business Model

Robust business model built on highly visible recurring subscription and payments processing revenues


Well-defined strategy for long term growth


Founder-led entrepreneurial culture committed to achieving Nayax’s full potential

our clients

Nayax provides a complete solution for cashless payments, telemetry systems and management software, transforming the way vending machine businesses and other unattended automatic machines operate.


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